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We’re only happy when you are. So it’s Particularly pleasing when we hear from our clients

Our group from Switzerland has been in India for a 10 day Seminarweek. Andrew made our stay in India very special in so many ways. I want to thank you so so much for your help, your organization, your warm welcome at the airport in Mumbai, the lovely trip with the bus, the organization of the Hotels and visits and so many many things! Specially the opera visit you organized for us was an incredible experience and all our students have been so glad to see the performance! Thousand thanks for your great help before and during our stay!

Martin Feichtner and Group of 31 Architectural Students
ETH Zurich, Swiss federal institut of technology, Zurich

Dear Andrew,

Hello Mr. Pinto thank you for making our first Europe tour a wonderful one and a memorable one too. The places were really beautiful with lovely sightseeing and professional tour guides along with careful and safe drivers. We’ve had a really great experience in this tour.

There were slight problems that we faced in this tour which was the Hotels, Hotel Jasmin in Prague was nice but it didn’t have AC’s luckily the tour was planned during the time where the climate was really cool and pleasant so we didn’t feel hot but if it was during other season then it would’ve a problem. Vienna hotel was good amongst the hotels compared to Prague and Budapest. Budapest hotel again didn’t have AC in the rooms, they only had a table fan. The climate in Budapest was warm which made us feel hot in the rooms as there weren’t AC’s. Also the location of the Budapest hotel was in isolation which made us uncomfortable.

However, rest of the tour was beautiful.

Thank you Mr.Pinto for planning our Europe tour.

Cheers Infinity.

Thank you.


Hu Family.

Hu Family

We love Infinity, we know the owner Andrew till the beginning of Infinity and even before, till 22 years… we trust him.
Serious, kind, friendly…
He loves and respects his clients, he is honest and the travels in India organized by him are always perfect and secured…
The last stay in Goa was fabulous !!!
Choose Infinity, you’ll be satisfyed



I hope this message finds you well. I am writing to follow up with you in greater detail, as you had kindly requested.

First of all I have to applaud your efforts in arranging such a fantastic trip with such short notice.
All of our accommodations were very nice and comfortable. The only complication was, of course our arrival in Delhi. Both Leslie and I thought that this local Delhi company was sub par in comparison to the other companies that you had enlisted in other Cities. I felt that aside from being late, and that Shayne seemed a bit less than apologetic. It was also quite difficult arranging local travel with their hired drive who did not speak any English. While I should learn Hindi, it would behoove a travel company in Delhi to hire drivers that speak English as it is bad for business otherwise. However overall it was a minor complication in the grand scheme of things.

As for the positive notes. We found both the Oberoi hotels and the Leela Palace in Delhi to have superb accommodations and service; Udaivillas had the most spectacular property and the Leela, as far as city hotels are concerned is without rival. Tree of Life, in Jaipur, was also great, and we like that it was on the outskirts of the City. We both highly recommend this location as it was very clean, relaxing, and the service saw excellent. We also like how Tree of Life encouraged visiting the neighboring villages and contributed to the surrounding communities. Leslie and I felt like we were on hour honeymoon again with the level of attention that we received.

The guides in each city also great with just one exception:

Vikram in Udaipur was our favorite. He seemed to be the most punctual, informative, professional, and kind. We felt that he took the greatest pride in both is work and appearance.

Devin in Jaipur was also great. He did a great job of leading us through the Amer Fort, as well as through the streets of Jaipur and interacting with the locals, which is actually our favorite kind of touring.

The guide in Agra (I forget his name) was informative and took great photos of us.

The guide in Varanasi (I forget his name) left a little to be desired, as he did not know how to lead us to a couple of places we wished to venture to (shops and other locations). If was almost as if he wanted to lead us to preferred stores where he had a relationship with the clerks and managers in effort to receive some commission if we were to buy something. On the night that we attended the Aarti, however, we were greeted by another guide named Prem. We thought he was great. He was perhaps not as educated as the other guides but he made us feel very comfortable as he had a very kind and genuine demeanor. He seemed genuinely friendly and happy to guide us.

Again, overall it was a fabulous trip and we could not have done it without your professional and courteous guidance. We look forward to contacting you for our next trip to my Mother Land.
:u) Our sincere thanks.

In the interim I remain,

Yours on the water,

Aabad R. Melwani

Thank you again for your extraordinary kindness to us and your attention to Nicolas during his trip. We were so relieved to have you as our resource in India and are so grateful for your assistance.

Amelia and Rebecca

I would like to thank you for the excellent organisation of our trip. It was absolutely professional the way we were treated from the beginning to the end. As we told you we enjoyed India a lot and no doubt we will be back again!

Albert Zumbach and Juerg Bauert

Thank you for arranging a very nice vacation for my wife and I.

Conroy Brian K

Hi Andrew,
We arrived home safely and are recovering from the jet lag. It was so nice to meet you- we really enjoyed our time with you. We had a wonderful trip, the places we visited were well worth the Journey. As promised, we will give you details of our experiences.

All the Taj hotels were superb, the service was great in all three we went to and the rooms were good.
Badami Court was acceptable, although the food was grim.
Hotel Malligi had lovely service and a very good restaurant. The room(the bridal suite)had seen better days and the bathroom was badly lit and seemed grubby. We accept that this is the best available and it was worth staying there to see the sights.
Hoysala village Resort was really lovely, the suite was spacious and the grounds well kept and beautiful. We had the added pleasure of a dance festival which was being held there.

The guide in Mumbai who took us to the studios was O.K., but the visit was to tv studios-we needed a full day to go to the actual Bollywood studios which are way out of town. The young guy who took us to Dharavi, was lovely-we hope he gets lots of recommendations. Most of the other guides were quite difficult to understand, the one in Bangalore was the worst, Their English vocabulary is good but their accents are very poor. The guide in Belur and Halebid was the best.

The driver-Jekki-who we had most of the time was a nice obliging good natured man who we would ask for again if we come back to India. There was one horrific drive from Hospet to Hampi. A new road is being built and the drive was terrible. If we had stayed on motorways we would have driven another 80 or vso miles, but the journey would have been comfortable and much quicker. The driver was exhausted and it wasn’t really safe for him to drive so long in such bad conditions. Jekki told us that his company had instructed him to take the shortest route.

The sights we saw were magnificent although they are comparatively unknown in the west. We don’t think that the area could cope with a great influx of tourists, which is a good thing, as the area couldn’t cope.

Thank you for arranging our trip, and for all your help,
Best Wishes and a Happy New Year,

Brenda and Peter Lyons

We booked our trip with a travel agent in Mumbai, and I can highly recommend him. His name is Andrew Pinto of Infinity Travel and we were totally taken care of during our entire stay in India. Andrew provided all hotel reservations, cars and drivers, guides, air reservations within India, airport pick-up (even check in where possible) and any thing we requested during the trip – all done seamlessly

Julie and Andre Molnar

Dear Andrew,
Thank you so much for all your kindness today. Getting up at 4 am on our behalf is beyond the call of duty and holding onto our bags and bringing them into the airport made all the difference. Thank you so very much. With all best wishes from us both.

Lady Harriet and Lord Robin Bridgeman

Dear Andrew ,
thank you so much for all your help. Your service is excellent and all your staff are consistently helpful and always very polite and friendly. I hope I can make a plan with Luke to bring the children to visit India with you soon.
Best wishes

Victoria Bridgeman

Dear Andrew,
I would like to thank you for the wonderful way you arranged our tour. My wife Susan and I enjoyed every moment of our three week trip. Your advice was invaluable and ensured that we saw so many of the wonderful sights for which India is famous.

Your attention to detail made every day a new adventure and totally problem free. Every hotel that you recommended was perfect and the guides that you arranged provided us with a wealth of information everywhere that we visited. In spite of the numerous places that we went to, the whole holiday passed without a single hitch.

It was a pleasure to meet you on the last part of our trip,  and we cannot wait to return to India. Once again many thanks for the lovely gift that you gave us which we really appreciate.

Kind regards,

Alan Miller

Dear Andrew,
What could we say about our long relationship… 20 years between France and India, several trips, sometimes not so easy… but your are always successful in your organization, in the places your choose for us… you know us very well and we are confident with you, absolutely… a great cooperation and we enjoy each time our tours in India, you are our favorite “ tour operator” and most important after such a  long time, a “friend”…

This year, our Ayurvedic Treatment has been a fabulous experience. Don’t change anything, you are the “best”… we still think of our next trip with Infinity. Thank you for who you are which is the mirror of your “actions”.

Much love from us.

Patricia & Yves
Brittany (France)

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